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PROJECT BUILD ,The Project Build Trust has been building educational buildings in Kwa Zulu Natal for 30 years.  We have a proud record of having built 5300 classrooms to date.
The Urban Foundation started a classroom building division  in 1977. When  the Trustees of the UF felt that the UF had served its purpose in 1994, Natal School Project was formed as a separate Trust.
Since there there is hardly a community in Kwa Zulu Natal that has not been touched by our work. We also build Community Centres and Humanitarian Buildings.


To build educational buildings for the learners and educators of Kwa Zulu Natal:
To empower  independent  building contractors whilst creating employment opportunities and passing skills to communities;
To prove to donors that they can share in the success of a good society .


Education in Kwa Zulu Natal is a challenge on many levels. In KZN there is an estimated shortage of 14,500 classrooms. Many existing classrooms are overcrowded, are  in poor condition  , often with bad ventilation. Many are inappropriate, children at foundation level do not have proper facilities
Given that we cannot have a successful society without a well educated population, it is important that  citizens share with Government the task of raising the standards of the educational environment.

At PROJECT BUILD it is our contention that good education can not happen without good education buildings. Classrooms, toilet blocks, laboratories, libraries, computer rooms.

We have records that show the provision of good educational buildings increases the results produced right to matriculation level.


Our technical specifications have approval from the Works Dept of  Provincial Government

As we build on Department of Education properties, we always seek and are granted their approval.  Once complete the buildings are handed to  the DOE.


Suzanne Edmunds, the CEO has been associated with PROJECT BUILD for  many years.

Our Operations Manager Mr Pradeep Boodoo who has been part of our work for 27 years,  has  personally travelled the length and breadth of this province in pursuit of our mission.
He leads a professional technical  division.
Our site supervisors  all have a recognised  tertiary education in the built environment.   They visit all sites regularly for quality control

Our liaison department works closely with communities ensuring the participation in and support for the building projects, and that we all have the same goals.


In the course of this work we have built an excellent relationship with the Department of Education, at every level-  from the SEMs to the office of the MEC.


We manage the project from concept to inception and completion to handover.

Schools who need buildings, register their needs with us.
They must show us that they have permission from the planning department of the Department of Education.
Each school must be a partner in their own project by paying a deposit towards the build.
PROJECTBUILD through the donor community will source funds.

Builders who are independent smme enterprises are contracted to each project.    Members of the community where the project takes place can be employed for the duration of the project by the builders, thus passing skills and income into the community. The builders, many of whom have worked with us for 25 years are assisted by PROJECTBUILD in many ways to sustain their micro enterprise.  We offer on going training ,cash advances, we assist with the buying of tools.

These contracts are labour only contracts.   PROJECTBUILD is responsible for all material
We contract registered plumbers and qualified electricians.

If possible we buy material in the community where the project is being developed.  We are also totally responsible for the quality of work and every other aspect of the build at each site.   Our qualified supervisors visit the sites regularly. For the Community and Humanitarian building, the same model is used.


We try wherever possible to add value to other NGOs. Each school is expected to show evidence of sustainable food gardens or fruit trees.   We work with other NGO’s who expertise this is. e.g. We will be working with Partner/Farmer an NGO who trains community members in permaculture, so that new skills are developed

We encourage volunteers to work on our sites, particularly from various corporate sponsors  who like their staff to be involved in their CSI spend.    We have volunteer visitors too from other countries across the globe.  These volunteers decorate the classrooms, build vegetable gardens, interact with learners and educators, creating important  relationships.


Our funding is solely from benefactors;  corporate and private organizations such as your own.  Some of our sponsors are Investec Bank,Absa Bank,Grindrod Shipping, Lewis Group, Iqraa Trust, Daitz

Foundatin,D.G. Murray Trust, MIET, UEC, UNUSA/Hero programme, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Illovo Sugar, Safmarine, Sibaya Casino Trusts, to name a few.

We will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive list.


The knowledge that each sponsor is helping to fulfil our mission of improving the communities of South Africa through providing quality education, creating a good space for their own endeavours. Sponsors own brands are improved by this as are their procurement abilities. Grant Funding enhances BBBEE scores


Each project is self funding.  We do not generate profits. A professional management practice manages our monthly accounts which are audited annually.  We report to SARS and to the Department of Social Development in terms of the legislation.

Our audited financial statements are available for perusal.

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