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Our 40th Anniversary.

21 October, 2016

I was thrilled when I realised that 2017 will be the 40th Anniversary of Project Build Trust. In that time we have built approximately 6000 classrooms and benefitted some 160,000 learners. For interest we have trained close to 50 builders to manage their own smme enterprises. In addition many suppliers have grown as a result of good regular business with Project Build. And equally important with the help of our builders we train an estimated 150 community members each year in building skills. In recent years we have welcomed a large number of students for their in service training – about 15 pa. Not too many entities can lay claim to 40 years of successfully carrying out their mandate!

We want to celebrate! We are planning a bumper edition of our review. A special event to which stakeholders will be invited is going to take place. Watch our social media! And most important it will be the year where we will build build build so that all our friends and associates will benefit along with learners and educators.

Some background. In 1977 the Urban Foundation started a classroom building division. In 1994 an independent Trust – Natal Schools Project Trust – was formed. This was rebranded in 2010 to Project Build Trust.

Over the years we have had major successes, we have had our challenges. Through it all The Project Trust Team, the employees and the Trustees have pulled together to make sure we never missed a step. And this is how we plan on going forward!

Suzanne Edmunds CEO

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