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Workplace Traning for our Builders Children

27 June, 2016

Nkosinathi  & LondiweAt the core of Project Build Trust business is effective management of relationships. The organisation has created healthy successful relationships with our different builders in the Province of Kwa Zulu Natal. These are builders who ensure that the organisation is able to deliver excellent infrastructure to beneficiaries and can attract funding to continue building for communities in need.
Apart from providing workplace training opportunities for learning and advancement for Durban University of Technology students, the organisation has started providing similar assistance to (our) builder’s children. The organization has an interest in seeing them reach their potential and entering tertiary education institutions.
(Left)Nkosinathi, is Mr Mhlongo’s son. He is currently doing final year civil engineering; he has written “My father has been with Project Build Trust for the past 20 years, I asked him to assist me get an inservice training with the organisation, which was granted. I have been in the organisation for a month now, they are teaching me things I never thought I would ever know, like managing stock, typing quotations, calculating the cost of building stock, calculating builder’s payments, and many more. Project Build Trust has played a huge role in my life that I will never forget”.
(Right)Londiwe , is Mr Mfeka’s daughter , she is currently doing her first year financial accounting. Londiwe has been with us for a week, she is working closely with Nondumiso (our community liaison officer). We are planning to refer her to an accounting company where she will get experiential learning in accounting.
It gives the organisation pure delight seeing them grow, they are gaining competency doing practical tasks assigned to them daily. We would like to believe that this opportunity will afford them theoretical and practical skills at the same time so that they will have no problem in the real world of work when they complete their studies.

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