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So how are we doing

13 February, 2012

Wow did this year start with a rev or what. And thank goodness about that.
I think today is the first Monday in ages that I feel as if I am on top of issues.
I don’t know if you do the same. Every Sunday I load my to do list with absolutely everything, so that when I wake up on Monday morning I feel as if I am drowning. By Wednesday/Thursday I start seeing some light. But today – no pressure. Just calmly attending to issues on my desk.
So what are we dealing with. First phase of the Tongaat Hulett project is well underway. We have quoted for the second phase and are at the same time exploring the third phase.
The Victor Daitz/JNF Eco Educational Centre project is doing beautifully as is the Afrisun/Tafta Assisted Living for elderly males.
Today I was asked if we could replicate the Kwa Mashu UEC/Protec Centre in Johannesburg.
We would love to give it our best shot. We must see how this one unpacks itself.
We are optimistic too about our plans of working with the Department of Education on a type of rand for rand collaboration. Many of our donors are waiting for us to sign. This will unlock lots of money and many many great specialist classrooms. So hold thumbs for us

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