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Roll on 2012

21 December, 2011

This is looking back time. Introspection, qualifying, quantifying,balancing the events of the year past.
How was our year here at Project Build ? In a word – awful. But interestingly enough we seem to have set ourselves up well for 2012.
I’m feeling optimistic.
As I’ve written before at Project Build, we get up in the morning to build educational and community buildings. When we don’t have projects on the go we feel frustrated and down.

It just so happens, that literally before the final bell of the working year, last week we signed contracts and opened 11 new sites. We anticipate another 10 to start 2012. 🙂
In fact we have some great plans going forward to unleash a whole lot of other funding and so should have a year of bringing joy to our beneficiaries.

Please remember to follow us on face book at ProjectBuild Trust. If you have any thoughts about our work, we would love to hear.
So to anyone reading this, we at Project Build wish you a joyous festive season; good health happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. Hope we will be joining forces with some of you to meet our mission of strengthening communities through education.

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