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Jaywalkers and other dangers on our roads

8 November, 2011

I can’t get out of my head how much danger there is in a short drive to work.
I live about 5 kilometers from my office. I’m so grateful every day that I get to work or home and haven’t hurt anyone.
I pass a large school from where the learners just surge out in huge groups all over the road.
Every traffic light crossing is an ‘event’. Pedestrians crossing against llights, dashing and darting across the bumpers of vehicles. My personal major annoyance, cyclists riding into the face of oncoming traffic. And the street traders and very young street children !!!!.
I as the motorist am responsible for not hurting any of these people. It is like the wild west, just simply lawless.
And not a single traffic officer around.
I see letters to the press. Nothing happens.
Does anyone know who the chief of the Traffic Department is. Maybe s/he needs a visit from a posse of very annoyed motorists.

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