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what happened to the traffic bye laws in Durban

2 November, 2011

I drive around the city a lot during the course of a week. Why do I see the laws being broken, but never see any traffic officers around.
This morning (the second time) I asked a cyclist why he was going the wrong way up Musgrave Road. He told me for cyclists it is OK to go any way they want. He is one of a number I see around. There is no understanding of the havoc that can be caused by this.
I see cars parked on the wrong side of the street. This so dangerous when they need to pull out, lots of cars parked across corners,
u turns in very strange places. And one of my big horrors. People who are too lazy to park their cars straight, taking up two bays. Parking on RED LINES. I thought one couldn’t even stop, never mind park.
And the pedestrians. I just shake my head. Now each corner is inundated with young children with bags around their necks, weaving in and out of the traffic…….. Hey traffic police where are you. …….. have a look around you. And bye the way traffic is a 24 hour problem not just 8 – 4.
I can’t remember the last time I saw one of you doing something for the citizens of this town.

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