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18 October, 2011

“I meet great people,
Yesterday a young man, let’s call him Mandla visited me. He also works for an NGO doing wonderful work with young children. Mandla has this amazing story. His school years were spent in Jozini learning under a tree. Today he is an optometrist working in rural areas, giving back to his community.
And then there is Fulton Trust which has in the last 2 years alone been instrumental in building 13 classrooms. This is just amazing. On the basis that about 40 children per year benefit from each classroom – pull out the calculator. Then compute this figure over about 40 – 50 years for each classroom. Fulton Trust has touched the lives of over 20,000 children. But they have been helping us for years, so really thousands and thousands of young lives have been changed. Wonderful
And our dear friends Masonite Africa have fully funded 6 classrooms this year.
They’ve also been working with us for many years. They too have brought dreams and happiness to thousands of children and their families in these years
Please look at the pictures of Escort Sen Secondary School on our facebook page to see the most recent project which Masonite Africa and Fulton Trust have been associated with. As have a terrific new funders – Tandem Lawn Industries and Beletha Foundation. Both on their second project with us.”

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