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Rotary/East Coast Radio/Project Build Winter Warmth

27 September, 2011

A relationship after our own heart, The Rotary EClub is one of the clubs in our districs which works with East Coast Radio to deliver thousands of blankets whereever a need is perceived.
Project Build was so pleased to be asked to come on board to deliver.
So far we have delivered three hundred. We chose to deliver to schools that we have a relationship with. We asked the principals to give them to the children who live in childheaded households.
I can hardly type the words. The concept of young children caring for younger brothers and sisters is so painful. We’ve occassionaly seen on TV glamorised stories of this happening in affluent societies, and where the families seem to suffer no apparant deprivation.
But here in our rural areas it is quite different. In poor vulnerable societies these young people are the saddest, poorest and most vulnerable. I can’t even begin to imagine what their lives must be like.
There are NGOs, Churches, School communities and their own communities who try to help. Notice who is not included………the Government. Maybe they are doing something. But nothing that is easily noticed. So I hope that our giving new blankets passsed a feeling of being remembered to these young people.
If anyone out there reads this and would like to do something however small,you can contact me. Suzanne

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