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If you can

14 September, 2011

Often people say to me ‘I wish I could do something for people around me’.
I know it is really hard to fulfill that. We all work hard, have family responsibilities. Plus there seems an overwhelming choice of who one can help. But on the other hand not all charities encourage volunteers.
So I thought of a very simple way you could help us at Project Build.
First to remind you what we do.
We are a registered NGO that has been building classrooms/toilets/specialist rooms at schools for over 35 years. We also build community buildings. Most of this building is in rural areas.
Part of what we do is encourage small builders to work with us as independent contractors helping them to build sustainable businesses.
We also employ people in the communities where the school is to help with the project. So our mission is to bring benefit to the communities by helping to improve education.
This is our passion. This is why we get up in the morning. To build good educational facilities. We know. it is a proven fact, that this is one of the important ways to help improve education in our country. And we all acknowledge just how important education is

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