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Our Builders

7 September, 2011

For those of you who follow us. Hi there. There is a great picture on our site today. If you see the last picture of Escort Senior Secondary, you’ll see that Glen our site inspector has taken a great picture of the builders.
These are the people we ultimately rely on for the good quality we produce. Most of them (and this team lead by Mr Khumalo) has been working with us for years. He has often been our Builder of the Year.
We have about 15 or so builders who work for us – labour only. When they are on the site they employ people from the communities, men and women as labourers.
They are an important part of our Project Build families.
Some of them are the sons of the fathers who started with us many years ago.
We celebrate all the good stuff and try to ease the burden when life gets tough. That’s what families do.

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