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Where have I been

24 August, 2011

Some people go to Paris, to Manilla, to Barcelona……I get to go to Bethal, Nongoma, Stanger, Illovo. Yip we have been very busy looking at sites for prospective projects.
To get to Bethal we left Durban at 4am did our work and returned at 9pm. Looong day. When we go into the country areas, we don’t stop we keep going, but this time we were horribly held up by the stop/goes. I hear about them when I listen to the daily motoring reports, but didn’t realize what a nuisance they are. They easily added 2 hours onto our trip there and back.

I’ve also been to the big city. To Johannesburg. Met some great donors and attended an interesting seminar. Came back refreshed and ready to go.
We anticipate that all this activity ( and this is only mine, PB and crew have been even further and more often) will lead to the opening of a lot of building sites. We’re just waiting confirmations. As they say “watch this space” 🙂

Good news is that we will be working closer with the Department of Education on a rand for rand basis. They are keen that we build Science Buildings, libraries ECD. We need to bring private funding to this. Any donors reading this and want to partner with us and Dept, that will be great.

warmest wishes to all


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