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What a wet week.

28 July, 2011

Love the rain. Love the cold. But not both together.
We ended up at a wonderful project in the middle of the downpour .
We went with the leadership of TAFTA and representatives of the donor to look at TAFTA’s wonderful project for the community, aged and children in need of care at Amaoti.
Margie Smith, CEO of TAFTA has a wonderful vision to extend was has proved an extremely successful project.
Working very closely with the community, and developing the project according the the community wishes, assisted living cottages for the elderly, a multiuse community hall and aftercare for children at risk have been built. Pensions are paid here, excercises for the elderly and all sorts of other activities take place . Always something on the go.
And next door a community clinic.
If Margie has her way, and she will this will be extended. A mini mall will be included. Job opportunities for young and old. Are just some of the ideas. This will be a showpiece of the area.
Project Build is happy to be associated with the development. Watch this space for news as we go along

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